Saturday, February 1, 2020

Benefits of artificial intelligence to the society Research Paper

Benefits of artificial intelligence to the society - Research Paper Example Artificial intelligence can be defined as the intelligence that machines have. Artificial intelligence is also a scientific discipline in which, scientists try to develop machines with intelligence that is based on human intelligence (Boden, 2006). The intelligence that is provided to artificial beings such as computerized machineries is based on human development. This concept gain reputation on the basis of an ideal world in which, people’s jobs can be eased out with the help of machineries. With artificial intelligence, it is perceived that machines can perform better than humans and within much less time. According to John McCarthy, artificial intelligence is â€Å"the science and engineering of making intelligent machines, especially intelligent computer programs†. The history of computers is divided into generations and the concept of artificial intelligence comes under the heading of fifth generation. The fifth generation computers have artificial intelligence an d they are able to imitate common human functions like vision, natural language, comprehension, speech synthesis, usage of more specialized knowledge like human experts and many others. In other words, it can be said that computers with artificial intelligence are like artificial humans or robotics that are able to perform functions that human beings can perform. With artificial intelligence, many benefits can be achieved and these benefits are unlike simple computer systems as computerized machineries with artificial intelligence are much more efficient than simple computers. ... agents in form of artificial intelligent machines, which can do the works of humans such as in industrial setups where heavy works are required, machineries are installed to perform the work of many humans (Russell and Norvig, 2003). An artificially intelligent machine can perform the work of many humans with its intelligence and working expertise. However, human hand is required to make the machine continue working in the same manner. Because of machines involvement in business environment, where human effort is less required, the jobs of human beings are also not needed as the machine is able to perform the tasks of many people (Dreyfus and Dreyfus, 1986). The administration feels that there is no need to pay a large number of people when a single machine can do what many people are doing. It can deprive people of their employment and compensation, which can be counted as a disadvantage associated with the artificial intelligence technology. The artificial intelligent machines can be used in healthcare sector for the provision of medical facilities to people in a manageable time. Again the machines keep the capacity of depriving people of their jobs in medical sector as they can handle the tasks of many doctors at one time. Less hospital staff will be required for handling patients as the efficient machines will be there to make available medical services to patients (Boden, 2006). According to John McCarthy (2007), there are many applications of artificial intelligence that can also be counted as benefits attached with the field of artificial intelligence such as speech recognition, understanding natural language, computer vision, expert systems and heuristic classification. The artificial intelligent systems can recognize speech, can understand natural language and

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